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I am an artist originally from New Orleans. I started out in the Mardi Gras industry-designing and

painting parades and floats. In 1996, I moved to Los Angeles, where I began working as a scenic

artist, and accumulated a wide variety of work skills, techniques and experience.



scenic artist, Craneton Media, Netflix  2015, 2017

     "Lady Dynamite”, " Lady Dynamite 2"

scenic, Mutiny Pictures, Inc.   2015

     "Lights Out"

scenic , Gemini 3 Productions  2015

     "Face Off" season 9

scenic , Lock and Key Productions 2011-2015

     “Wipeout”, “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show”, “Fear Factor”,  "Bullseye"

scenic , Rocart Inc.  2015

      "Dunes Club" pilot for Nickolodeon

Grammy Awards 2015

     scenic artist (with Filippo Ioco) for performance by Sia

scenic artist, Clocktower Productions 2013

     “Killer Karaoke”

scenic , Triple Ridge Productions

     “The Capture” 2013

lead scenic, the History channel 2012

     “Ultimate Soldier Challenge”

scenic artist, Hallmark channel 2011

     “Annie Kringle”

scenic artist, the Discovery Channel 2004-2005

     “Monster House”


professional expert in scenic art, Citrus College of the Performing Arts 2001-2017

     painted backdrops, scenery for various productions, including "Mary Poppins", “Beauty and the Beast”, 

     Sweeney Todd”, " Picnic”, “Mary Poppins"

     and the annual Christmas show

scenic artist/set painter Candlelight Pavilion  2016-2017                                                                                              

charge scenic artist, University of Southern California Northridge 2013-2017

     "Carmen",  “Die Fledermaus”, "The Drowsy Chaperone"

scenic artist , El Camino Performing Arts College 2013


scenic artist, Lowell Thomas Theater 2011-2013

     various student productions

adjunct professor/scenic art , Cypress College 2012

     various productions

scenic artist, Pasadena Playhouse 2011

     “Kiss Me Kate”, “Twist”


The 57th Annual Grammy Awards  2015

    Painted “camouflage” costumes for Sia’s performance

sculpture painter at Sculpture Graphics 2014

     painted multiples of limited edition fine art sculptures

master artist, Kern Studios, Inc., New Orleans 2007-2010

     painter, floats and props for Mardi Gras. I also worked there before I moved

     to Los Angeles in 1996


scenic artist,  Crown Scenery 2016

scenic artist, Vision Scenery 2012-2017

     various clients

scenic artist, Carthay Set Services 2014-2016

scenic artist/lead scenic, Artistic Entertainment Services 2013-2017

     jobs included painting floats and sculpted figures for Disneyworld, FLA

     refurbishing attractions for Disneyland, CA

     painting Halloween Horror Night mazes and backdrops, “Walking Dead” attraction for Universal Studios, Hollywood

scenic artist/lead scenic , Red Truck 2013-2017

     misc. commercials

scenic artist , Powerhouse Sets 2012-2013

     various clients

scenic artist, Freddie George Production Group, The Shop @ Show Ready 2012

     painted large, sculpted figures and sets for release of “Borderlands 2” video game

scenic artist, Jet Sets 2011-2012

     various clients

scenic artist/lead scenic, The Scenic Route 1999-2012

     painted backdrops, sets, props, displays, signage etc. for various clients,

     television shows, commercials, conventions ( including E3 for Activison), theater, etc.

scenic artist/prop painter, Flix FX 2005-2016

     various television commercials

scenic artist, Global Entertainment Industries 1998-2003

     backdrops, displays, sets, etc. for various commercials, television

     shows, conventions,Disney animation premieres,etc.

scenic artist, Lexington Scenery and Props 1998-2001

     various- for museum displays, theme parks, etc.

in park scenic, Universal Studios, Hollywood 1997-1998


B/A in Fine Art from the University of New Orleans


Scenic art, fine art, portraits, artist’s renderings, mural painting, backdrop painting, scrims, flats

and sets, prop painting, sculpture painting, faux finishing, trompe l’oeil, float design and painting,

illustration, sign painting, digital coloring, Photoshop, photo re-touching, color matching and paint


I am a fine artist whose paintings have are shown in galleries in the U. S. and Canada, and featured

in several publications.


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