The Monkey's Orchids  SOLD I recently saw (and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw) flowers called Monkey Orchids. These flowers are so whimsically wonderful, that I started to wonder about their origins. As near as I can figure it, there was once - in a place that existed a very long time ago-a wise and all-knowing Monkey guru-so wise, in fact , that he just became known as "The Monkey", and he guarded the entrance into monkey paradise. Monkeys would flock to him, hoping to enter into the mythical land that the Monkey guarded- which was full of barrels and banana trees . Some would actually get to enter, if they had led a life of charity and kindness. Sadly though, as we know, most monkeys don't lead such lives...they quarrel amongst themselves and fling poop at each other and just engage in the most outrageous monkey behaviors. And those monkeys-right on the spot-were changed into the orchids that we can still see today, doomed to gaze into the entrance to the wonderful world of bananas and barrels, but unable to enter. So sad.     Prints are available

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