Scenes and Illustrations

Vainglory-This is the second in a series of Seven Deadlies that is now availableGreed-This is the sixth in a series of Seven Deadly Sins availableGluttony - This is the first in a series of Seven Deadlies SOLDWrath-This is the fifth in a series of Seven Deadlies SOLDLust-This is the seventh in a series of Seven Deadlies that is now availableSloth-This is the fourth in a series of Seven Deadlies that is now availableEnvy-This is the third in a series of Seven Deadlies that is now availableThe Umbrella ( El Paraguas)- card #5 in the Loteria. AvailableWishing On a Star -I painted this for Cactus Gallery’s “Sticks and Stones” show. The theme was childhood, and the theme threw me a bit with the childhood stuff. I had a hard time coming up. I was bullied and picked on and didn't get any support at home either-not whining, just saying. Things are definitely better now, and the way that I got to this point was simply by continuing to believe in magic. So here's me-as a hopeful little turtle finally able to stick my head out of my shell and keep the sadness of the past beneath me-in what is now just a faded reflection of memory. availablePicnic -what else could a squirrel want? SOLD Prints are availablePinocchio is Rescued by the Fairy With Turquoise Hair- I tried to channel some of my favorite childhood illustrations for this one, painted for “Pinnochio”s Follies”, a group show at Cactus Gallery L.A.Flight of Fancy Fish SOLD Prints are availableThe Hummingbird's Heart I started looking up orchids that look like other things...and found Chinese Lantern Orchids. They are beautiful plants, but to me, they look more like hearts enclosed in cages than they look like lanterns, and that got me to thinking about all those old stories where some evil wizard or witch would steal the heart of some innocent creature and hide it away. Well, that's exactly what has happened to the little hummingbird in this painting. But he and the frog have been fast friends for years, and who better to help one find their heart again than an old friend? availableThe Monkey's Orchids I recently saw (and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw) flowers called Monkey Orchids. These flowers are so whimsically wonderful, that I started to wonder about their origins. As near as I can figure it, there was once - in a place that existed a very long time ago-a wise and all-knowing Monkey guru-so wise, in fact , that he just became known as "The Monkey", and he guarded the entrance into monkey paradise. Monkeys would flock to him, hoping to enter into the mythical land that the Monkey guarded- which was full of barrels and banana trees . Some would actually get to enter, if they had led a life of charity and kindness. Sadly though, as we know, most monkeys don't lead such lives...they quarrel amongst themselves and fling poop at each other and just engage in the most outrageous monkey behaviors. And those monkeys-right on the spot-were changed into the orchids that we can still see today, doomed to gaze into the entrance to the wonderful world of bananas and barrels, but unable to enter. So sad. SOLD Prints are availableBoschism #1 or Annie meets the Gatekeeper availableBoschism #2 or Annie Enters the Village availableJohn Uskglass the Raven King-from Susanna Clarke's wonderful books "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" and "The Ladies of Grace Adieu", here is John Uskglass, in the act of turning his neighbor's pig into a fish. Wicked. available

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